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Check for device and I/O subsystem defects
Included with busTRACE 10.0 is busCHECK 10.0. This application will probe your storage devices looking for common device firmware bugs and miniport driver bugs. Any detected defect is automatically reported to you in the busTRACE capture application.


busTRACE 10.0 includes a large database of known Command Descriptor Blocks (CDBs), including some vendor unique CDBs. In addition to our ability to decode the command and any data in/out, busTRACE 10.0 also includes hundreds of defect checks looking for common device firmware bugs.

Our busCHECK 10.0 application automates the process of looking for these firmware bugs and miniport driver bugs. A series of tests are available for you to run against your storage devices. Simply select the tests you are interested in running and then click on the Run Tests button.

When busCHECK 10.0 has finished running through its series of tests, a summary of its test results are provided to you. Our software looks for device firmware bugs, firmware warnings, miniport driver bugs, and software bugs.

busCHECK saves the results to a busTRACE capture file and to an optional text log file. The log file can be used to compare one busCHECK test session against another.

After busCHECK has saved its test results to a busTRACE capture file, you can optionally run busTRACE to view a detailed analysis of its test results. Any discovered firmware bugs, or miniport driver bugs, are reported to you with full detail. In our sample screenshot, we can see that busCHECK has detected a device firmware bug.

Key Features
Automatically scan for and report device firmware bugs and miniport driver bugs
Save the test results to a busTRACE capture file for detailed analysis
Optionally save the test results to a text log file for log file comparisons
Configure how much of any read/write data to capture to the busTRACE capture file

Additional details available in the busTRACE 10.0 help file