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One of the best tools you'll have in analyzing captured I/O activity is busTRACE's ability to sort captured I/O activity. For example, you may want to sort the I/O activity based on the command sent to a device, the execution time, or any number of possible values.

The fastest and simplest way to sort I/O activity is to simply click on the column you want to sort in the I/O Capture List header:

By clicking on the header item, you will sort I/O activity based on that column's values. Clicking on the header item again will toggle the sort type between ascending and descending.

You can get to the sort options in a variety of methods. For example, you can right click anywhere in the I/O Capture List, including the header, to view your sort options. You can also select Sort Options from the View main menu. Choose whichever method you prefer.

Another useful sorting feature is the ability to sort on multiple columns. For example, you may want to sort all I/O activity based on the command sent, and then within the commands sent, have I/Os sorted based on execution time. To get to this feature, simply right click anywhere on the I/O Capture List and chose Sort Options...

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