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busTRACE can capture I/O activity on the computer it is running against. busTRACE also has the ability to capture I/O activity on a remote computer across your local area network. busTRACE can capture I/O activity across multiple computers simultaneously, including capturing I/O activity on your local system all at the same time!

Whether busTRACE will work across your network depends on what types of gateways, routers, and firewall you have installed between the remote computer (i.e. the "server") and the local system (i.e. the "client"). Since we use TCP/IP for PC to PC communications, chances are good that you will be able to use this feature across your company's network.

In order to use the remote capture feature, you will need to configure both the remote "server" and the local "client" system.

If you have a software firewall on either the "server" or "client," you may need to configure the firewall to allow busTRACE to communicate remotely. A program such as Symantec Internet Security, or Windows Firewall, will typically notify you when an application attempts to use the network.

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