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busTRACE Multi-User License

The busTRACE 10.0 Single User License allows the user to install the software on up to 3 PCs. Only that one user is allowed to use the software. A single busTRACE 10.0 Product Key is provided.

A Multi-User License allows more than one person to share the busTRACE license. In addition, the software can be installed on more PCs to accomodate the additional users. A single busTRACE 10.0 Product Key is shared among the users.

A busTRACE 10.0 Five Multi-User License allows up to 15 PCs to have busTRACE 10.0 installed on them and up to 5 engineers can use busTRACE 10.0.

A busTRACE 10.0 Ten Multi-User License allows up to 30 PCs to have busTRACE 10.0 installed on them and up to 10 engineers can use busTRACE 10.0.

Additional Information

A Multi-User license requires one point of contact within the purchasing company. We will use that contact to notify them of any product updates or to resolve any licensing issues. In addition, that point of contact's e-mail address will be the one used to log into their busTRACE 10.0 account (where they can download product updates). It is the responsibility of that point of contact to help manage the number of PCs the software is being installed on.

A Multi-User license is ideal for a test lab environment where a lab manager helps to manage the test systems. An alternative to the Multi-User license is to simply purchase a single user license for each engineer.

* The 1 Year Subscription Renewal price is only valid if you renew your subscription before your subscription expires or within 30 days past the expiration. Please note that busTRACE WILL continue to operate if you do NOT renew your subscription. Renewing your license is optional. For full details, please review our subscription page.